Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend 'Shower' in California

I was so excited to attend Kristen's first baby shower in California. The hostesses did a great job. The theme was 'little man' and woodsy. Jenn Walker's house looked great.
Everyone wrote notes of encouragement and advice to Kristen. A couple ladies shared about raising little boys. It was very sweet. Hostess Liz did a great job keeping everyone on track.

The food was yummy and Hostess Melinda gathered the wood decorations herself!

Then came the presents! Pretty sure Micah and Kristen are committed to the name Xavier now. Love it!

And here's Kristen (with baby Xavier) and all the Aunts: Jenn, Amy, and Katie.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Polish of the Day: Frock Star

This is my new manicure for Kristen's shower weekend! I used the Sally Hansen Salon Effects real nail polish strips. I was pretty impressed. They look good and went on fairly easily.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Polish of the Day: Veruschka

Reminds me of Christmas.

By Zoya

Kitchen After (ish)

So I've decided if I wait to post after pictures until I feel like a project is completely done I might never post. :) Here are pics of the kitchen now....mostly finished.

Inspiration reminder:

Before Reminder:


I'm hoping to do a Craigslist post soon since approx. half the furnature in my home now were purchased off Craigslist, including my refrigerator and kitchen table.

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Shoes

I was wanting some red shoes to wear with my new black pants. I've been looking for something similar in style to Kristen's mustard ones she got at Target. I thought these were pretty good. Picked them up at Marshalls for $19. I would prefer them to be a little more red. They aren't real leather and I've kind of thought about spray painting them. Nevertheless, I like them a lot.


My grandson is going to have a cool Grandmommy. Notice my necklace by Amy. I got so many compliments on it.

Babymoon 2011

babymoon: n. a planned period of calm spent together by parents without their baby; (hence) a vacation or holiday taken by a pregnant woman and her partner.

Micah and I had the chance to spend the weekend at the super cute cabin below in Twin Peaks (about 45 miles north of us near Lake Arrowhead) so I thought I'd post some pics.

While we were there, the view from our balcony looked like this:

And we were super grateful for the Jeep...first time we've actually needed the 4 wheel drive!

We got several inches of snow....not what I normally think when I think of Southern California!

Mattie loved it.

Sunday we went to the Belgian Waffle Works for brunch and this was our view:

Hot Chocolate. :)

Outside the restaurant:

I can't wait to go back and can't believe this is where we live now! So fun.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Polish of the Day: Dots Attempted

Grey Area by Sally Hansen

School of Hard Rocks by Essie

Okay, I was pretty inspired by the blog I saw through Mom's Pinterest (still a newbie there). So, I attempted something a little different for my Polish of the Day. I used those circular reinforces in the office supply aisle. It turned out pretty neat, though I still need more practice.


NCP - Happy Anniversary!

I got a surprise in the mail from the National Consumer Panel. It was my three month anniversary of participating in their program. I'm still scanning all my purchases with my hand-held device and providing feedback through surveys. So, I received a 'opener' tool. It opens jars, lids, bottle caps, etc. Pretty fun.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just a Day in the Life.

Since there hasn't been a whole lot of activity on here, and I need to kill some time I figured I'd let y'all know how my Saturday has been.
I spent the night at Anna's for her birthday, and we crashed around 1 a.m. We woke up at about 10, and then I hung around there till close to 1.
Then we cleaned the house, and I did college applications. I hate college applications. There is nothing more dull than college applications. I'm just ready to be done with the whole process and to know where exactly I'll be headed next fall.
Well that was pretty much my day up until now. Later I plan on hanging out with my friends. We try to all get together on Saturday nights, and play a game or something. It's usually pretty awesome. The down side to having an awesome weekend though, is it generally feels reminiscent of summer, which makes me really miss summer. It also make Monday mornings really hard.
But I love the weekends, and I basically live weekend to weekend. My trick to get through the week is to make sure I always have something to look forward to. For example, Mondays I have Young Life after work, Tuesdays are usually Terrific Tuesday, Wednesdays are church and senior Bible study, Thursdays are pretty bland, and then Fridays the weekend!
I am also a huge fan of countdowns. In my school planner, I have a countdown to each break (currently 10 school days until Thanksgiving break), a countdown to Christmas (49 days), and a countdown to Passion 2012 (57 days). I just love countdowns.

Well that's about it from me, but I'll leave y'all with some songs I like right now.

"Give Me Faith" - Elevation Worship

"Never Let Go" - David Crowder Band

Friday, November 4, 2011