Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pinterest Strikes Again: Magnetic Makeup Board

Okay, so my sister Kristen forwarded me a pin from Pinterest recently.  The idea was ingenious and I had to made my own.  Here's is the inspiration pic.

I actually had a bunch of magnets I had bought awhile ago for another project, so I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for a frame (50% off sale) and fabric (30% off sale).  Then I made a confused walk through Home Depot to find a piece of metal for the magnetic piece of the project. I also already had a trusty hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks.

Then, I just removed the glass, glued the metal sheet to the cardboard frame back and covered it with the fabric I chose.  I secured everything with just hot glue.
Then I just pulled all my eye shadows out of my drawer and glued magnets to the backs of them.  Okay, I didn't do this to some of my higher end stuff yet, but we'll see.  It looks great!  I'm already thinking of doing another one with just blushes. 

What do you think of this Pinterest project? Leave a comment!